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Community Problem-Oriented Policing (CPOP)

Mission Statement

Northside CPOP is a group of dedicated residents who have come together to improve the quality of life for people who live and work in our neighborhood.

Crime Prevention Monthly

Drug Treatment - Recovery Health Access Center

Community Problem Oriented Policing (CPOP) teams, composed of community members, staff from the Community Police Partnering Center, and District Police, are formed to address crime and disorder in Cincinnati’s neighborhoods.

Successful teams that are working to reduce drug sales and drug use in their neighborhoods realize that a key to success involves not only relying on Police to arrest dealers.  Rather, they must develop a strategy to link those who are buying drugs with treatment services.  One of the best ways to help people find recovery is to encourage them to contact the Recovery Health Access Center (RHAC).

In Hamilton County, RHAC is a new resource that is designed to facilitate access to alcohol and/or drug abuse services.  It also provides information about treatment resources for both individuals and families who are experiencing problems relating to drug or alcohol use.  All services within the RHAC program can be accessed by a single telephone number, 513–281–RHAC (7422).  RHAC will operate 24 hours a day, seven days per week, and will be located at the Alcoholism Council’s offices at 2828 Vernon Place in Cincinnati.

What are some strategies that you can use to distribute this phone number and resource in your neighborhood?

Second Annual CPOP Awards Banquet

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Community Problem-Oriented Policing banquet honors Cincinnati community members and members of the Cincinnati Police Department.

We would like to hear your story!

Community residents, CPOP teams and police officers are encouraged to submit projects or information about outstanding efforts in the community using the SARA process.  For a submission packet or more information contact Tracey Wilson at or 513.559.545.

We wish you a very happy, healthy, and SAFE summer.

For any additional information on this article or about CPOP teams or trainings, please call or email the Community Police Partnering Center (513) 559-5450 or  Stay safe.

Current Project

Our current project is to restore the 4200 block of Fergus Street so that it is an asset for Northside - a desirable part of the neighborhood for homeowners, tenants and responsible investors.

What have we done so far?

The Northside CPOP team has researched each property on the 4200 block: crime stats; code violations; complaints; evictions; foreclosures; etc.  We have surveyed owner-occupants and tenants about their specific concerns.  We are now seeking similar input from non-resident property-owners and investors.

What are our plans?

With this information in hand, we will bring together resources from various city departments to address the issues most important to the residents of Fergus.


Northside CPOP is currently not meeting. Please contact those listed below for further information as efforts continue, even in trhe absence of meetings.


See the results of the Fergus St. cleanup


Skip Jones
Phone:  541-5678

Community Police Partnering Center
3458 Reading Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45229
Phone: 513-559-5450
Fax: 513-281-0466

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