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Fourth of July Committee

Committee Charge

The Fourth of July Parade Committee is responsible for organizing and operating the annual Northside Fourth of July Parade.

Mission of the Northside Fourth of July Parade

The mission of the Northside Fourth of July Parade is to celebrate independence and to serve as a tool for community building. Parade organizers work to invite and involve people from all corners of the community as both participants and viewers. The parade offers a way to get to know one's neighbors through a shared light-hearted activity. Neighbors who know one another and have laughed together are more inclined to be involved and to make their neighborhood a nicer place to live. We invite the city to join us and help celebrate the Fourth of July!

Northside Fourth of July Parade Website and Parade Application Form.

Committee Meetings

To be announced.


Sara Mulhauser
Phone: 513-541-8788

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