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What others are saying about Northside's winning qualities:

"Cincinnati's Northside Neighborhood Facing The Challenges Of Growth And Popularity", WVXU, April 2016

"A neighbourhood guide to Northside Cincinnati"
Virgin Atlantic, Our Places, October, 2015

"We discuss the neighborhood's thriving arts and music scene, events such as the annual Rock N' Roll Carnival in Hoffner Park, and the neighborhood's many successful small businesses.", UrbanCincy, "UrbanCincy podcast interviews James Heller-Jackson", January, 2015

"Sunday brunch is the most important meal of the week and, while there are many tasty options in Cincinnati, we'd venture up to The Littlefield in Northside, because shrimp and grits.", Visualingual, "A Perfect Weekend in Cincinnati", 2015

" 'New' Northside is finally looking up",, "A Passion for Place", July, 2013

"The Northside district has recently blossomed into a casually hip destination for shopping and night life, particularly along Hamilton Avenue.", New York Times, "36 Hours in Cincinnati", July, 2009

"Northside, five minutes from downtown Cincinnati, brings a small-town look and mentality into the city, with its old-fashioned houses, farmers markets, independent shops, and strong community activism. It further sets itself apart with two hilltop nature preserves.", Men's Journal, "The Best Neighborhoods in America", May, 2009

With a small-town vibe, terrific restaurants, and artisans of all kinds, Northside is on the move.
Travel+Leisure, Next Great Neighborhood: Northside, 2004

Northside's population has been slipping out of working class hands and into those that bear pens, paint brushes and guitars.  In addition to catering to alternative lifestyles, Northside also seems to have a livable environment that many entertainment districts lack.
Tony Cook, City Beat, Upside to Northside: Cincinnati's Most Diverse Neighborhood Seeks to Maintain its Mix, 2004

Home tours, especially those with a historic bent, don't usually include quirky amenities such as tap-dancers, harpists, basket-weavers, photographers, songwriters, painters and musicians. But then, Northside is no ordinary neighborhood. Its buildings are as colorful and varied as its residents.
The Cincinnati Enquirer, A Tale of Two House Tours, 2002

There is a place in Cincinnati where tattooing is high art, yuppies live next to cab drivers and the Fourth of July parade features floats stocked with old refrigerators.  It's Northside, the neighborhood that's eccentric and darn proud of it.
Toni Cashnelli, Cincinnati Magazine, Eccentric Eden, 1998

Northside is a melting pot.  Whites, African-Americans, blue-collar laborers and white-collar executives are part of the mix of 10,527 residents who call Northside home.  Northside has been attracting young couples primarily, but older residents are not necessarily moving out.
Greg Carsten, The Cincinnati Enquirer, All Kinds of People Call It Home, 1997

CityBeat features Northside on the cover.

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